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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Kenneth Anttila and I am currently a 16 year old student at Bemidji State University. Around the fall of 2018, I was inspired by the youtube creator John Fish to start reading for mental growth. After I started, I was fascinated by the immense amount I could learn through reading. Books hold the key to any problem you are facing. I became a bookworm. As of April 2020, I have read over 350 books, but I made a mistake. A big mistake.

I did not take notes! So much information I could have kept has vanished from my mind. In order to stop this from occurring any longer, I have started this blog. My goal for this blog is to put down the information which I feel will not only help me, but a wider audience. I further hope to clarify my thoughts and have great conversations with my audience.

This blog will mainly focus on applicable lessons from successful people. I read books to gain insights to apply to my own life, not just for abstract “knowledge”. From Caesar to Machiavelli to Yuval Noah Harari, I hope to share what I have learned from these authors to you, my readers. We shall stand on the shoulders of giants.

I do not have social media. It distracts me from the things I value most.

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